B1352 – Ignition Key-In Circuit Failure

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B1352 Ignition Key-In Circuit Failure

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What Does Code B1352 Mean?

OBD II fault code B1352 is a manufacturer specific code that is defined by carmakers Ford and Jaguar as “Ignition key-in – circuit failure”, and is set when the PCM (Powertrain Control Module) detects a malfunction or general failure in circuits that are active when the ignition is switched off, but while the key is still in the ignition. Note that the most commonly affected circuits are those that feed power to the door chimes through the ignition switch.

While having door chimes that alert a driver that the key is still in the ignition while the doors (or any single door) are/is open is a good idea in principle, the actual chimes and their control circuits are notoriously unreliable and prone to failure, and especially so on Ford applications.

In terms of operation, the door chime circuit is activated when a door is opened, but the key in the ignition also control circuits that prevent the chime going off while the ignition is switched “ON”. Thus, when the ignition is switched “OFF”, the key completes a circuit via the “door open” switch in the doorjamb, which activates the door chime until the key is removed from the ignition switch.

While many drivers regard the door chimes as a major nuisance, their purpose is both to prevent drivers locking the vehicle with the key in the ignition, as well as to serve as a warning that one or more doors are not fully closed and latched while driving above a predefined speed.

However, failures in door chime circuits often cause short circuits that can, and do, drain batteries, which can cause no-start conditions and in cases where the battery drain is severe, the total or partial loss of vital programming in one or more control modules, including the PCM.

Where is the B1352 sensor located?

The image above shows a typical door chime, such as might be found in almost any Ford application. Note that while the actual location of the chime varies between models, it is most commonly located behind the dashboard, close to the steering column.

What are the common causes of code B1352?

Some common causes of code B1352 could include the following-

  • Damaged, burnt, shorted, disconnected, or corroded wiring and/or connectors in circuits that are active when the key is in the ignition, but with the ignition switched “OFF”
  • Defective door chime
  • One or more defective “door-open” switches
  • Defective ignition switch
  • Modifications to disable the door chime
  • Defective PCM or BCM (Body Control Module). Note that control module failure is exceedingly rare as a of cause of this code, and the fault must therefore be sought elsewhere before any control module is replaced

NOTE: Code B1352 is also used by General Motors, who defined this code as “Device ground #2 (chassis ground #2) Circuit Low”. In this definition, the code refers to a fault in a chassis ground point/circuit that relates to a specific device, system, or component in the application’s electrical system.

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