B007F – Passenger Seatbelt Pretensioner “C” Deployment Control (Subfault)

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Last Updated 2016-07-14
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Trouble CodeFault LocationProbable Cause
B007F Passenger Seatbelt Pretensioner "C" Deployment Control (Subfault)

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    Here are links for a cheaper units. http://www.partsgeek.com/ss/?make=Chrysler&partname=Throttle+Body&category=Fuel+Injection&page=1 http://www.newchryslerparts.com/seccat/sebring-convertible-1525/2008/throttle-body-20140/6/20140/ http://www.factorychryslerparts.com/products/CHRYSLER/SEBRING/THROTT...
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    Could be a park/neutral switch or if a manual, could be a clutch start switch. Make sure the starter cut relay is not malfunctioning. I had a older model Asuna in the shop this week just for a problem like yours. Intermittent no starts and I was lucky the car happened to do the problem on my watch...