B0014 – ISO/SAE Reserved

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B0014 ISO/SAE Reserved

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  • bleeding the slave and master cylinder
    The special tool J 43485 is just a glorified vac tool. When one doesn't have shop air it is a useless purchase. But if you do alot of car repair, a vacuum pump is a must. Be sure to buy the bleed kit with the pump. I bought a kit like in the link I gave above. I have used it most often. It is NOT ...
  • 1997 Toyota Avalon ignition problem
    The best way I know is to use an interrupter switch in lieu of the ignition switch. The 40 amp fuse provides main current but you must also remember that the signal and the and 5 amp is only there to tell the ECU the engine is actually firing. A simplistic approach for you could be a push button....