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P1 Codes
Trouble Code Fault Location
P1396Crankshaft Position Sensor Segment Timing Plausibility (BMW, MINI) Wheel Speed Sensor Circuit (BUICK, CADILLAC, CHEVROLET, GMC, PONTIAC, SATURN) Glow Plug Monitor Fault Bank 2 (FORD) Cylinder 6 Misfire Detected Random Fuel Level Low (SAAB) WSSD Rough Road System Fault (SUZUKI) Engine Speed Sensor Missing Tooth (VOLKSWAGEN)
P1403EGR System Control Difference (AUDI, VOLKSWAGEN) Carbon Canister Shut Off Valve Control Circuit Electrical (BMW) Exhaust Gas Recirculation System Valve 1 (BUICK, CADILLAC, CHEVROLET, GMC) 5 volt reference voltage to EGR valve missing (CHRYSLER, DODGE, JEEP) Differential Pressure Feedback Electronic Sensor Hoses Reversed (FORD, LINCOLN, MERCURY) DMTL Valve Circuit (HYUNDAI) Leak Detection Module Solenoid Valve Circuit Fault (KIA) DPFE Hoses Reversed (MAZDA)
P1612Engine Control Module Coding (AUDI, VOLKSWAGEN) Loss Of IPM Serial Data (BUICK, CADILLAC, CHEVROLET, GMC) Immobilizer Malfunction (HYUNDAI) Chain of ECM-IMMU (INFINITI, NISSAN)
P1614Chain of IMMU-KEY (INFINITI, NISSAN) Loss Of RIM Serial Data (BUICK, CADILLAC, CHEVROLET, GMC) Malfunction Indicator Lamp Request Signal High (HYUNDAI, KIA)