About this website

TroubleCodes.net is a comprehensive source of technical information on diagnostic trouble codes for engine management systems for all vehicles and all years.  Our team of ASE Certified or the international equivalent have written the guides in a way to enable any Do-It-Yourself mechanic with appropriate skills and competence to make accurate tests and diagnoses on all systems including fuel, ignition, electrical, communication related components, sensors, and circuits.

It is published by BAT Auto Technical which is a one of a kind automotive technical community, where professional mechanics help people with their vehicle problems by providing professional, quality information.  Where the professional, do-it-yourselfer, consumer, and manufacturer can meet to gain quality information to meet their needs.

Our goal is to provide a comprehensive source of automotive repair information. A place where people can come to locate the information they need to take care of their vehicles and save time, money and headaches.   We always adding to this website and trying to find the information that the reader will find of most interest.


Bruce, Alan, and Tony (B.A.T.) founded BAT Auto Technical in 1999 and started TroubleCodes.net in 2003.  The BAT Auto community and TroubleCodes.net guide live on because of their significant initial contributions, and we thank them greatly.  We also thank all the mechanics below who have made contributions over the decades.